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Our Team

Kaiser safaris team consists of individuals who each bring a wealth of practical experience into planning and execution of clients’ needs. Our safari drivers and guides have a vast knowledge of the African wilderness and are eager to share it with you.


For over 7 years, Lilian Kiliswa has been providing the best value in travel and entertainment by focusing on the individual needs of her clients. She has helped clients plan their dream vacations. Her secret lies in her love for travelling which serves as her driving force behind her career choice.

Lilian completed her Diploma in Tourism Management and later did her degree in tourism hospitality and events management from Moi University. She worked with DK Grand safaris for six years in the capacity of Operations manager. While in this position, she built many lasting client relationships helping them plan their dream vacations.

In 2019 Lilian decided to part ways with her former employer founded KAISER SAFARIS LTD.As head of her own travel agency, Lilian is responsible not only for preparing trip itineraries and handling all booking details but also meeting with representatives from different companies to secure exclusive discounts. She also maintains a solid social media presence in order to communicate with both current and prospective clients.



Greetings! I’m a Kenyan travel enthusiast and consultant who has had the privilege of living in various parts of the world, such as Costa Rica and the United States of America, where I currently reside with my family. Thanks to my parents, who were Swahili teachers trained by the Peace Corps, I was introduced to the joys of travel. They shared their travel experiences with me and encouraged me to explore different exciting tourist destinations in Kenya.

My present objective is to pass on this passion for travel to my own family. By exposing my children to diverse cultures and breathtaking locations in Africa, I hope to instill a love for travel and exploration in them. I would be delighted if you could accompany us on this adventure! Traveling is an excellent way to learn about the world and yourself. It broadens your perspectives, introduces you to new cultures and possibilities, and is also incredibly enjoyable!

If you’re contemplating traveling to Africa, I wholeheartedly recommend it. The continent has an impressive array of sights and activities, and we are among the warmest and most hospitable people you’ll ever meet



I am a French speaking Belgium guy who once lived in Switzerland. I discovered the African continent 20 years ago after mostly travelling in Europe and North America and I has never looked back. Africa proved to be a “love at first sight” kind of feeling. The African continent is amazingly beautiful with a blend of diverse cultural experience, nature and of course the prolific wildlife especially in East and Southern Africa. With Kaiser safaris be assured to deal with passionate experts for adventure who will go above and beyond  to help you create an authentic bespoke holiday.



I possess years of progressive customer service, contact centre and client relationship management experience, having horned my skills, experience and knowledge working with leading organizations such as Zuku Fibre, D.light Solar Kenya and Kaiser Safaris Limited.

My main ambition and what drives me is to support a highly dynamic and competitive organization exceeding expectations by offering high professional customer service, retention and standards of work, especially in the tourism industry.

I aspire to be a widely recognized and respected leader in the global customer service and tourism industry, known for consistently delivering goals: Be a respected global customer service leader, delivering exceptional results through engagement with customers and stakeholders and deliver results through focused engagement with all customers serviced as well as with other stakeholders.

I seek to continuously be an inspiration to aspiring career person within and outside of my team and Industry.